Heart-to-Heart with Gillian Fairchild Pirolli

Jillian PirolliHeart-to-Heart with Jillian (Fairchild) Pirolli

In The Beginning…

Last month, you read about my mother’s story and experiences with Jasmine. My story started the same way. My parents discovered Key West on their honeymoon and it holds a special place in our family. I continue to travel there every year or two because I just can’t keep away. I was with my mother at the Mallory Pier Sunset Festival in 2001 when we found Jasmine’s booth. At the time, I was an awkward teenager uncomfortable in my own skin. I’d wear athletic shorts over my bathing suits because I was so self-conscious. Sarongs became a natural alternative to shorts when we found Jasmine. Since meeting Jasmine, I’ve grown much more comfortable with myself and my pieces are no longer a way to hide but a way to express myself and feel beautiful and ethereal.

An Island Girl Needs Her Island Art Wear!

I grew up in New Hampshire, went to college in landlocked St. Louis and now live in Philadelphia, but have always been a beach baby. I am constantly amazed by the ocean and started SCUBA diving in 1996. I continued my SCUBA training to become an instructor in 2007. Through all my training to become an instructor, and teaching after I became an instructor, I spent and spend a lot of time in and around the water. Due to all the time I spend at, in, and around the water, my collection of Jasmine’s silks has grown quite large over the years to include several sarongs, palazzo pants, a skirt and halter outfit, two skirts and a dress.


Sarong Collection

Making It Happen

Most of pieces are reproductions of samples that Jasmine had in her studio showroom and I just had to have them when I saw them. But two of them are designs I requested and Jasmine created for me.

As a college student, I saved up for months to get myself my first custom painted sarong – a brilliant yellow base with huge hibiscus flowers hugging the lower edge. When I got my first job after graduation, again, I saved up for months to buy myself my first custom dress that I know I will continue to wear for years to come because Jasmine helped me choose a style that I will never get sick of and that I can wear to both formal and less formal events.

The Experience

When I put one of my pieces from Jasmine on, it takes me to a place of complete comfort. The silk against my skin feels natural and flattering. The colors are vibrant and exciting. The airiness lets me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. I have, of course, worn my silks to the beach and pool but I don’t limit my silks to these settings. I’ve worn my silks around New York City and Las Vegas, to a formal wedding, to go dancing at clubs, as shawls, and as lounge clothes at home.


Beach Sarong

I get compliments every time I put them on. I have fun in them and I feel good in them. What better combination is there in a clothing choice???

Visiting Her Studio

Over the years, I have seen Jasmine’s work grow from her pier booth to her own studio. It’s been a rewarding experience to be a part of her business and I feel honored to call Jasmine a friend.

On my trips to Key West, I often have friends of mine tag along. There have been many visits where I have taken new people to visit Jasmine to see her studio.
Each and every one of them has had the time of their life getting draped in silks by Jasmine. She puts everyone at ease and has a keen eye for helping someone choose a style that will flatter their style and body type.

I add to my collection every few years. Since I have known Jasmine for so long, I usually just call or email her to have a little chat about what I am thinking of and to get her input. I put a lot of faith in Jasmine and trust her judgement and it hasn’t ever done me wrong!

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Gift & Honeymoon Resort Wear!!

The latest Jasmine Sky Designs additions to my collection are three absolutely stunning sarongs that my mother gave to me at my bridal shower for my recent honeymoon to Fiji. As if getting to go to Fiji with my brand new husband wasn’t enough, I got to have three gorgeous sarongs to bring with me! I pretty much lived in them the whole trip as my husband and I walked the beach looking for shells and after we went snorkeling every day. They were perfect and I even got compliments on them from Fijians (in case you don’t know, Fijians –both men and women – wear sarongs nearly every day)!


Sarong and Shawl Fiji Village

In Closing

Jasmine’s work is a major part of my wardrobe and I can’t wait to continue my adventure in adding to my collection!

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