fag1_imgCan I work long distance  with Jasmine Sky Designs?

Yes. Jasmine has been working long distance with women internationally for over 15 years. We call this working ‘virtually’ – remotely on Skype or over the phone.

Jasmine has developed a very efficient and streamlined three (3) step creation process for working either in person or ‘virtually’. Your first (1st) step in this process, your a complimentary Discovery Consultation, is always ‘virtual’.

Even at a distance, Jasmine is able to personally introduce you to her collections via this site and will assist you in choosing the most flattering style for your body shape, style personality and the occasion you’re shopping for. With the help of some private galleries, she’ll also help you in the silk, color and art work selection for your art wear.

After you receive your art wear, she will also give you private coaching to familiarize you with how to wrap each ‘look’ for any particular style you like.

Can I work in person with Jasmine Sky Designs?

Yes. As your second (2nd) step in the creation process, Jasmine is happy to schedule your Designs Session at her design studio and showroom in the Florida Keys.

She’ll introduce you personally to her collections and assist you in choosing the most flattering style for your body shape, style personality and the occasion you’re shopping for. She’ll also help you help you with your silk, color and art work selections for your art wear.

In addition, Jasmine will give you private coaching to familiarize  you with how to wrap each ‘look’ for any particular style you like.

Your complimentary Discovery Consultation with Jasmine is your first (1st) step regardless of whether you’re working with her in person or at a distance.

I don’t feel comfortable buying clothes without trying them on. Is there any way I can try these styles on without traveling to Jasmine’s design studio and showroom?

Yes. Our Virtual Fitting Service is available to you if, for any reason, you are hesitant to buy clothing without having tried it on and cannot travel to Jasmine in the Florida Keys.

fag2_imgHow our Virtual Fitting Service works:

  • For a fee of $100, you can choose to have samples mailed to you to try on. We are a small couture house. There is only one sample of each style. There might be a wait before we can mail you a sample.
  • Wrapping directions are sent with your sample.
  • Your credit card will be charged for the $100 fee and have a hold put on it for 1.) the value of the sample shipped to you plus 2.) shipping.
  • You are allowed to have the sample for a period of 15 days. If the sample is not returned and received by Jasmine Sky Designs within that 15 day period, you will be charged the full value of the sample.
  • Just as is the case when you travel to Jasmine’s design studio, the sample of the style(s) will not necessarily be your exact size. However, because of their wrap-&-tie-on construction, trying the sample on will help you determine which style is right for you and what your fitting customization needs, wants and desires are.
  • If you require extensive customizations beyond fitting (changing of the style itself), you can schedule a Skype appointment with Jasmine so that she can assist you ‘virtually’ and discuss possible customizations for you style choice. There is an extra $150 charge for this.

How much does a Jasmine Sky Designs original cost?

Since each garment is custom ordered, hand made and hand painted for ‘your unique expression’, all prices are determined after it has been designed.  By the end of your complimentary Discovery Consultation, however, you can expect Jasmine to give you a ball park range of what it might run you.

To read about the three (3) step creation process that Jasmine uses, click here.

Can I receive silk swatches, color swatches and/or art work swatches?

Yes. This is part of the design and production process. You will be sent any swatch you need – silk, color or art work – in order to confidently make your design choices. All of these details are handled in your Design Session. Should you have a specific color you need to match, Jasmine will request that you send her an example of that color via snail-mail as digital colors cannot be relied upon

fag3_imgWhat is the turnaround time for a Jasmine Sky Designs original?

The turnaround time for your wearable art can range from 3 weeks to several months and is determined by what you create with Jasmine and how full Jasmine’s production schedule is when you place your order. For this reason, it is recommended you schedule your complimentary Discovery Consultation with Jasmine as soon as possible to allow for these variables.

If you are unclear about what you’re looking for, your Discovery Consultation will help give you a glimpse into the design and style possibilities that are available to you at Jasmine Sky Designs.

If you are clear about what you’re looking for, your Discovery Consultation will allow you and Jasmine to discuss your vision. It will also allow you to ask all your questions to help you determine if you and Jasmine are a ‘fit’.

In both cases, you’ll be able to ask all your questions and, by the end of your Discovery Consultation, Jasmine will be able to give you a ball park range for what your art wear might cost.

What is the Jasmine Sky Designs return/refund policy?

At Jasmine Sky Designs, we stand behind our product 100%. We take pride in our outstanding attention to detail and heart centered customer service. Your silk art wear is hand painted and sewn by Jasmine herself with the utmost attention to detail and with the care that she would use as if she were making a gift for a dear friend.


In the unlikely event that a return is necessary, if the error was on our side, Jasmine will repaint any part or all of your order one time after you return your order. The only additional cost to you is postage.


We do not issue refunds on our custom silk art wear.