About Jasmine Sky Designs

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About Jasmine Sky Designs; Uniquely Different

Welcome to Jasmine Sky Designs, my small couture house in the Florida Keys where we design and hand paint custom silk art wear for all you island diva’s out there who are looking for something artfully different, adore dressing the part, and love getting noticed the moment you step onto the islands.

Each Jasmine Sky Designs garment is an individually commissioned original completely custom made from the silk textiles all the way to the final product.

Not only do we design the fashions but we also custom design and hand paint the silk especially for you to suit your unique expression. Nothing we create is mass produced.

So, whether you’re an island bride planning a destination wedding & honeymoon, or you just want to unleash your unique island expression and be totally ‘beach chic’ for your next tropical get away, I’m here to help you create the perfect look to match your personality, your body shape, and your style.

What to Expect When We Connect

Ever since I started sewing I’ve made clothes for my friends. It just comes naturally to me and I love to do it. I love creating clothes that help women express their uniqueness. It’s an incredibly joyful and satisfying process to create ‘your look’ from scratch…for you AND me.

I love getting to know you and figuring out what look you want, what’s right for your occasion, what makes you feel like a goddess. I love creating a unique piece of art wear for you that not only inspires you, but makes you look and feel fabulous.
So, whether you’re absolutely clear on the dress you’d like to create or aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, The secret to discovering your unique island expression begins with the two of us connecting.

After we connect and I have a clearer picture of what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to choose whether we work together ‘virtually’ – meaning remotely, – or ‘in person’ at my design studio in the Florida Keys so you can get a real sense of its energy and vibrancy.

Either way is possible. It’s totally up to you.

Choose Your Expression

Deep within every woman lies a one of a kind expression. A true, personal beauty that cannot be replicated or mass marketed to. It’s a unique expression that is hers and hers alone. And while not every woman inspires to let their unique expression out, the ones who do uncover a new way of being.

Radiant. Unique. Utterly non-traditional.

I invite you to experience clothing that cannot be mass produced. Hand crafted dresses imagined for one person, and one person only: you.

Imagine, an expression crafted for an audience of one. Welcome to a place where you can step into your true self. A place where you can choose your expression. Welcome to an opportunity to see yourself as you truly are.

Our Signature Style, “Island Expressions”

Have you ever wanted a dress that was so YOU, so breathtaking, that it allowed you to express everything that makes you non-traditional and unique? What about a dress with different looks to match your different moods and different occasions? How about a dress with a ‘wrap-&-go-elegance that custom drapes itself to fit and flatter your body, just as it is?

That’s what my signature style is all about.

May I introduce you to “Island Expressions” — edgy, easy elegance for the modern woman, inspired by the classic sarong – the traditional garb of the islands legendary for its simple elegance, amazing versatility and flattering drape.

Island Expressions. It is my gift to you.

One Dress. Multiple Looks

Imagine a dress that is also a skirt. A skirt that is also a sarong. A wedding dress that can transform into an outfit you can wear again and again in look after look.

Versatility lies at the heart of my Island Expressions signature style, a design principle I learned from the classic, yet humble sarong – the traditional island garb of the tropics, known for its amazing capacity for transformation.

When you commission a Jasmine Sky Designs original, you DON’T just get a single dress. You receive a garment that can be transformed to meet your unique island expression. Just like a chameleon, your Jasmine Sky Designs original lends its versatility to help you express your personal style.

The only limitation is in your own imagination.

A Second Life for Your Wedding Dress

Who said you only get to wear your wedding dress once?

Your wedding dress is an investment of a lifetime. It symbolizes the union of you and your beloved – and all your hopes… and dreams for the future.

So if you’d like to be able to wear your wedding dress after your wedding and not just store it as a keepsake, here at Jasmine Sky Designs we’ve got a unique and perfect option for you. We can plan for how you will wear it after your wedding and actually design those features into your dress.

Imagine the experience of being able to transform your wedding dress into an entirely new dress! New colors, new looks, Same dress. Revisit your island bride experience by giving your Jasmine Sky Designs original a brand new life.

Today you’re a vision in white. Tomorrow, you can be a vision in whatever color you choose.

I’m a Local. I’ve got Your Back

The tropics are my home, my Muse and my source of inspiration. They’re the catalyst behind my creations and the magic that drives my creative process.

While rewarding, designing special occasion wear for the tropics is not without its challenges. The heat, humidity, and wind can be problematic if you don’t know how to design for it.

My silks are specifically designed for wear in the tropics. Free floating and comfortable, they keep you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cooler and work with the wind instead of against it.

Have no fear. I’ve got your back. I’m one of the ‘locals’. I know firsthand just what you can expect weather wise for each season in the tropics and just how to handle its unique challenges.

Designing Your Dress, Designing Your Expression

Creating your unique expression is a process that starts from the ground up. It’s not just about choosing silks or colors that simply look nice or feel good, but about truly creating a one of a kind garment that matches who you are inside and out.

That’s why I work with you to determine which style of dress, in which silk, will best match your body shape and your style. We’ll choose color palettes that compliment your skin tone and your personality. And we’ll create unique art that matches the expression you want to create.

What makes your dress one of a kind is that there is no one else like you.

Your Island Wedding, Your Island Vision

So you’ve decided on an island wedding! Well, it goes without saying that, even for an island wedding, your dress is the centerpiece of your wedding vision and it can and should inspire many of the other details of your wedding from the bridesmaid dresses to decorations on your cake. Choosing your dress is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

I know just how important it is to you to find a dress that’ll make a real ‘style statement’ that’s uniquely yours.

And that’s just what we’ll do! I’ll work personally with you to create THEE dress that’ll make you look and feel like a million bucks and have you loving being the center of attention for the entire day!

We Guarantee Your Expression

My goal at Jasmine Sky Designs is not just to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art wear that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

My goal is to provide you with a unique shopping experience that is unrivaled.

Every moment, from the day we first connect to the day you receive your finished piece of art wear, is a choreographed dance designed to offer you an unparalleled experience. It’s why I’m personally involved in every detail in the creation of your dress: from our initial conversation, to silk choices, colors, and even brush strokes.

It is my guarantee to you is that you’ll walk away not only with something you’ll cherish, but with an experience you won’t soon forget.

Don’t Wait

Creating your unique expression takes time, because I create each dress personally, by hand, myself.

Quite often, I may be booked out months in advance, which is why I always recommend that if you have ANY interest, ANY inclination in having a custom Jasmine Sky Designs original, that we connect right away.

It’s just too delicious a process to rush, – so it’s helpful to think ahead.

So, if you’d like to connect, don’t wait. Do it now.

When you’re on the beach looking ‘island chic’, you’ll be glad you did.