About Jasmine Sky





Expressions of Jasmine

I wear a lot of hats in my life. Fashion designer. Silk Artist. Dancer. Choreographer. Singer. Song Writer …  But First and foremost I would label myself as an artist through and through. I believe deeply in the value of  our own unique expression, and the power that emerges for an individual when they finally give themselves permission to let their unique self shine through.

Expressions of Dance

My story begins when I was 14 and discovered dance. As a mostly non-verbal child, dance was my way to communicate with the world. Dance felt like home. It came naturally and allowed me to travel on tour to London and throughout Great Britain. Back home in Manhattan I immersed myself in modern and experimental dance, studying the very exotic and tropical inspired Balinese dance and culture, and creating my own unique

Expressions of a Seamstress

I learned how to sew at the same time that I began to dance. This naturally lent itself to making dance costumes and artful attire of all sorts. I loved the drama of a great outfit. I loved soft, sensual fabrics and designs like silks, taffetas, and velvets, that allowed my body the freedom to move, and refused to wear anything that felt restrictive (I hated jeans. I still do). When I was unable to find clothing that matched what I
was looking for (and made everyone look like carbon copies of each other), I did the only thing I knew how: I made my own.

Expressions of Song

At 27, I was surprised to discover an urge for a different type of expression: Singing. I felt compelled to sing and write songs, and fell in love with Brazilian Bossa Nova. I loved the sound, the elements of sunshine and the tropical feel it lent to. I hung up my dancing shoes and dove in head first. For 5 years, I thrived in this expression. I married my Brazilian guitarist/composer partner only to divorce 5 years later, leaving me at a
personal and professional cross roads. Once again I found myself with the urge for a new expression. I knew it was time to leave the stage but not the artist’s life. I knew I had to do something but was unsure what I had to do. It didn’t have to take long for my next calling to reveal itself.

Expressions of a Painter

The urge to paint was undeniable. I first noticed it almost 15 years ago but a childhood block prevented me from following the painter’s muse. It was not until I studied the Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, that I was able to push through the block to put my old life together with a new element: painting on silk and stepping into my dream of living on a tropical island.

Choosing my Expression

I truly believe that each step of my journey played its role in the creation of Jasmine Sky Designs. It has taught me that the only way to truly embrace our non-traditional nature is to allow our true expression to come through, and allow ourselves the freedom to feel.