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Delicately feminine and the ultimate in ladylike island bridal couture, Patricia is a captivating beach wedding dress. She is hand-crafted from soft organza over silk habotai with an elegant double ‘V’ neck to keep you cool in the tropical heat. She can be made to any length or color that suits you best.

Jasmine Sky Designs: Patricia 






Playful and sensuously elegant, Naomi is a dreamy tropical wedding dress ideal for the true island bride. An elongated silhouette and flirty one-shouldered neckline makes Naomi a fun-loving yet feminine beachside bridal dress. Delicate hand-painted embellishments add color for the modern bride, while draping and cinching can add a sexy elegance to this dreamy beach wedding dress.

Jasmine Sky Designs: Naomi







Feminine and fun, Mirabelle is a confident, playful beach wedding dress. She can be worn with a flirty, short hemline or be elegantly paired with Jasmine Sky palazzo pants for a more demure look. Her multilayered, multipoint skirt adds volume to her silhouette creating a luxurious, hand-crafted beach wedding dress.

Jasmine Sky Designs: Mirabelle

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What are some pros and cons about destination weddings?

When it comes to pros and cons, I think it boils down to each individual with their personal likes and dislikes but generally speaking:

Make packing lists for yourself so you don’t forget essentials. I’ve had many brides call me last minute for veils because they forgot to pack them!

Jasmine Sky Designs: Carmen

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Planning a wedding like this at a distance will be a lot of work! Make sure you keep it simple if you don’t want to hire a wedding planner. The islands are far away. You’re not just planning a wedding. You’re planning a trip and a wedding and you’re inviting guests to it.

Remember it’s a fabulous adventure/experience with friends and family! You’ll be sharing this very special day in a dream location. What could be better!

Jasmine Sky Designs: Celine




Any comments on destination brides? You’re choosing a destination wedding because you love the islands. A vacation in the islands is great, celebrating your nuptials there is even better. You’re in for the celebration of a lifetime in paradise!!

Jasmine Sky Designs: Eleganza

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