Continuing the Conversation: Jasmine Sky

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Continuing Our Conversation with Jasmine Sky

Art Wear Couturier for the Islands

Fashion designer & silk artist. Specialized in destination island wedding dresses, honeymoon attire, and special occasion tropical resort wear



How long have you been in the wedding industry?

I’ve worked with brides all over the world since 2001. Initially my niche was designing silk for the islands and brides were about 20% of my business. In 2008 I decided to focus my work in on the destination island wedding niche because it was so fun and so rewarding.


How many brides have you helped?

Approximately 275


How many of those were 2nd or 3rd time marriages?

I would say 75-80% are 2nd or 3rd time marriages with some of that of that being mothers of the bride.

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What was different about these 2nd of 3rd time marriages?

  1. Emotionally, there is a sense of gravity and meaningfulness that all my brides have. They’ve been married before and it didn’t work out and they are not stepping into this marriage lightly. It has been a very considered decision for them. It’s not unusual to hear some of them say that they’ve been in relationship with their fiancé for a long time – ten years – and they’re taking this next step to deepen their bond. So there’s a soberness and profound beauty to the depth of their commitment that is very inspiring.

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In terms of her dress needs and wants, most of the brides that I work with want some white but she does want to bring color in because it’s in the islands. There are a couple of scenarios:

  1. If her first wedding was simple or perhaps even rushed – at the registry office or such – she really wants to feel more like a bride, even if shell be boating to an out-island in the back country and walking through water to get to a deserted island. She just wants to make sure she doesn’t miss out on feeling like a bride and we work together to create a look for her that’ll do that for her as well as one that works for the unique needs of the type of island wedding she’s having. All these details are different for each woman.

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If her first wedding was formal and traditional with ‘the white dress’ and all the trappings, she usually leans towards going in a more non-traditional direction – i.e. having a hand painted dress.

The last scenario is the woman that is a true non-traditionalist. She has a sense of formality and appropriateness for the occasion but it comes from a place inside her rather than societal norms and traditions. She dances to the beat of her own drum. The non-traditionalist comes to me with a huge variety of desires. She’s always surprising!

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Can you describe what you most remember about working with these brides?

They all come to me saying they don’t want “the typical white dress”. They’re looking for something different but it’s got to be something that is special enough to make them feel like a bride but relaxed enough for the laid back mood of the islands. They come to me saying that everything else that they see is “just too casual” or “it’s all the same thing” and they just can’t see themselves in any of it on their wedding day.


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In addition to transforming her dress via additional hand painting or dying after her wedding, she also loves how my styles are convertible dresses that can be worn in a number of different looks depending on how you wrap and tie them on. For any woman who loves to express herself with fashion, this is a super fun bonus.

All brides want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day but a woman who is getting married for the 2nd or 3rd time is older. We spend a lot of time zeroing in on just what she wants to reveal and conceal so she can fall in love with how she’ll look in her dress and won’t have any worries on the day of her wedding.
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