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My Adventures with Jasmine Sky and Her Fabulous Designs

Before I met Jasmine, I had been living in the SunBelt from one side of the country to the other.

From 1988 to now I have lived in Naples, Fl., Guanica, Puerto Rico, Malibu, then in 2003 we (my new husband, Chuck Fasilis and me) moved to Sugarloaf Key, Florida which is 17 miles up the Keys from Key West.  During this time I was always looking for sexy, chic, and cool clothing for the warm beautiful cities and towns that I choose to live in….in the SunBelt.  The closest design I found that I liked was a sheer white chiffon like skirt that I still have that I bought in Naples, FL.  I also found a leopard print, low waisted, sleeveless dress that I loved and had copied in Bali in the beautiful prints that are native to Indonesia.

Then I met Jasmine in a wonderful woman’s Moon Circle in the Keys.  I loved the sheer, flowing clothing she was wearing.  I asked her where she got her clothes and she said she designed and made them herself!  WOW was I impressed! So I set up an appointment with Jasmine to visit her studio on Big Pine Key.

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The first outfit I fell in love with was the deep blue/purple dress that I wear over matching pants or now in combination with other silk pants that Jasmine has made for me. (see picture taken this year, 2014 in my garden in Rancho Mirage, CA)  I am wearing the scarf that matches the sheer pants.

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Sharon Gibson Resort Wear

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Another one of Jasmine’s designs is a very wearable sexy sundress.

Since purple is my favorite color I choose a dress color and design similar to my first dress (note the angel wing arms of my first dress) so I could wear it with the pants that she made with my first outfit.  You can see this great sundress in the Labyrinth picture.  Our women’s circle is doing a walking meditation in honor of the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2004.  I also took it to Yelapa, Mexico in February of 2005.  We were in a couples yoga class…awesome week and dress!


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At first, when I was trying on Jasmine’s Designs, I found some of them hard to get into…where does my head go!  So Jasmine made my outfits simple for me which I love and appreciate.  My pants had the ties like a diaper…the Polynesian type of pants….so Jasmine made mine with elastic waist band which did not affect the design or appearance of the pants…just a lot easier to go to the Lu and get on and off!  Another sundress, very simple but also sexy lines I wore in Bali for my husband birthday, May 5, 2009…purple with shade of fushia…love Jasmine’s bold colors.

Sharon Gibson resort wear

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All most forgot my favorite dress… Jasmine had me in a fashion show and I wore a different color.  But she designed this one for me in bright pink, lovely top and pants. I wore it in Tahiti on a cruise in Oct 2008.  I also wore it many other places too… it goes for so many occasions.

For my most daring outfit, for a very awesome occasion, my 70th Birthday Party I am wearing this magnificent emerald silk design and dancing with my son and his wife.

This party was June 20, 2010 and my handsome, talented husband organized it all for over 65 friends and family.  It is daring outfit, as you have to tie it correctly for the halter type top and the sarong skirt.  The design is bold and sexy…just what I wanted for special occasions in the hot Sunbelt here in Rancho Mirage.  It was 103° that day but lovely in the evening for my party.

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Last but not least is another of my favorites dresses designed by Jasmine.

It is a little more conservative and I wear it at so many occasions.  Here I am a hostess at a big event for education for Diabetes Awareness with outstanding speakers.  Chuck, my husband was in charge…for over 1,000 attendees.  I told Jasmine that I don’t wear green…ha ha…she said, “try it and see”.  I love the color and artist design both for this top and pants in green and of course my birthday emerald ensemble.

I do wear other art wear but none are the quality and exquisite designs as Jasmine Sky Designs which you can see have traveled all over the world with me.

Blessings of love,


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