Heart-to-Heart: Laura Panganis’ Wedding Dress Story

Laura & Gary Down the Aisle

Laura Panganis’ Wedding Dress Story

What was going on in your shopping experience before you found Jasmine Sky Designs?

Before I found Jasmine, I was shopping for beach/bathing suit cover-ups in boutiques, department stores and online. I was focused on finding something that would be appropriate but still look in some way ‘bridal”.  I had decided that a sarong of some sort would be really nice but couldn’t find anything that didn’t look casual and tropical.  I was getting married at a lake not an ocean and I couldn’t find anything that was at all fantastic.

How did you find out about Jasmine/Jasmine Sky Designs?

I reached out to Jasmine via her website based on the pictures she had of beautifully flowing outfits that were different than anything I had seen before.  I had Googled “Wedding Sarongs” and I found her!!

I found her on the internet.

Laura Panganis Wedding

Laura Panganis' Bridal Party Attiresm

What were your first thoughts/feelings when you saw Jasmine’s designs?

When I opened her website I was blown away.  Her things were so beautiful.  At first I thought they may be more elaborate than what I was looking for because I was really trying to walk a fine line between casual and wanting to look fantastic.

Please describe specifically what you were looking for when you started your search.

I was very concerned that I was going to be over dressed at my own wedding.  The Groom and the Groomsmen were wearing Loudmouth bathing suits with golf shirts and the girls were wearing skirts with sleeveless tanks. I was looking for something that would complement that but make me look like a bride.

Laura Panganis' White Bridal Tunicsm

What were you sure about regarding Jasmine’s work?

I was sure that her work was beautiful and unique – more so than anything I had ever seen.

What were you unsure about?

I was unsure that it would work for what I was doing and that it would fall in my budget.

In your mind, what was the biggest challenges in you finding the right garment/dress for your personality, body and your occasion?

I was having a hard time deciding how much of a bridal look I wanted.  This was my second wedding and I didn’t want a traditional gown for sure.  We were having an outdoor wedding at our family lake house and I want to be stunning but not formal.  It was a tough battle and I just couldn’t picture what I wanted.

What made you want to contact Jasmine?

I contacted Jasmine because of the uniqueness of her creations.  That was essential to what I was looking for.

Describe the feelings you had in your first conversation with Jasmine.

I was surprised the amount of detail she was going to need to even gives me a general idea of what she could create.  At first I thought it was way more that I was interested in dealing with but I was interested in what she was doing so I went with it.

Why did you decide to have Jasmine make you a piece of art wear?

I decided to have her make my outfit because I really thought it would be something so unique, beautiful and perfect for me that I couldn’t imagine not doing it!

Please describe to process you went through with Jasmine to create your artwear.

  • Was it hard? easy? different than you expected? just as you expected?
  • Did you have difficulty making your design choices?
  • How did it feel emotionally?
  • Was it exciting? or burdensome with a lot of details?
  • Did you end up designing something exactly like what you were looking for?
  • Did you have specific requirements for your body shape? what were these?
  • Did you feel lost? confused? guided?

The process was more detailed that I thought it would be.  I wouldn’t say it was difficult but it was time consuming.  Compared to what you go through when looking for a wedding gown I would say it was about the same but far more personal.

She wanted to get to know me, my fiancé and what the feelings were surround our event.  She asked a lot of questions that seemed a little odd at the time but when I walked down the aisle….I understood.

There were a lot of measurements and re-measurements, etc. and because I was in Michigan and she was in Florida, I obviously was doing my own measuring.  That was a little scary considering I wasn’t always sure it was right.

I had to send her pictures of my body.  I really hated to look at my body like that but again, in the end it all made sense.

She was talking to me about styles of clothes I hadn’t really worn a lot of and I was afraid I was going to look fat.

I am not overly thrilled with my body shape and the weight that I am carrying but she didn’t care.  She made me feel amazing and beautiful through the entire process.

She had never met me and she was my ally through the whole process.  She was by my side the entire time.  Communicating with me through everything.

She met every timeline she said she would and when she needed to adjust when she was going to send things to me I knew in advance and I was comfortable with what we were doing.

What did you feel like while you were waiting for your piece of art wear?

Waiting for my outfit was very nerve wracking.  I had spent more than I thought I would.  I was OK with it but without seeing or touching what she was doing it was scary.

What were your thoughts/feelings when you opened your package from Jasmine/Jasmine Sky Designs.

Then the box arrived.  It was MUCH smaller than I imagined it would be and that completely freaked me out.  Jasmine sent me a picture of the gown on a mannequin and it looked more blue than I had wanted it to be but I trusted her.  And when I opened the box….I could see right away that my trust was well placed.  It wasn’t too blue, too white or too green.  Before I even took it out of the box I was thrilled!!

Describe the garment that you actually got.

Jasmine had created a sarong for me to wear over the white bathing suit that I had bought right after I was engaged to be married in.  It was a beautifully wrapped garment that was elegant, unique, flowing and far more than I ever had dreamed of.

Laura Panganis Wedding

Was it hard to figure out how to put your dress on? If so, how long did it take to get used to wrapping it on? Did you need help from Jasmine or anyone else to get it on?

I was nervous about how to put it on but as Jasmine had told me, it would be easy to figure out once I had it.  My daughter and I were able to easily figure out how it went on!!

I didn’t know what to expect when I took the plunge to have my wedding outfit created by Jasmine.  I knew what I wanted but I didn’t really know what it would look like.  But Jasmine did or at least she made it sound like she did.  Every time I tried it on I just was exasperated by how beautiful it was and how much I just loved it.  It flowed in the wind exactly the way I imagined it would.  It was a perfect balance of being a bride and being myself.  It was a great centerpiece for the wedding party outfits as well.

It brings tears to my eyes when I think about that day.  Jasmines creation was perfect.  Perfect for me, the day and the setting.  It took my husband’s breath away…I think that says it all.

Thank you Jasmine…you made my day.