Heart-to-Heart With Bobbe Lykins

Bobbe Lykins Bridal Stories

Heart-to-Heart With Bobbe Lykins

The Dress!!

The dress… it always starts with the dress. A wedding has many components that have to all come together but it always starts with the dress. I started my quest for the perfect dress in December of 2013.

My fiancé, Mark, and I had been together for almost 14 years and it was time to tie the knot. We met in Indianapolis when I lived there and he lived in New York. I was a teacher and he was a fireman with New York City. He came to Indy for a conference and it was love at first sight. The years apart were difficult and exciting. We would meet for a weekend or for a week. How we made it through I really don’t know but we made it work. Mark retired and moved to Colorado and four years ago, I retired and moved here too. After my oldest daughter got married in October, I realized that I wanted my Dad to walk me down the aisle. He is 91 and my Mom is 88. I wanted them to be with us and celebrate with us. So we set the date for May 30, 2014 and started looking for THE DRESS!

fuschia silk beach wedding dress

fuchsia silk beach wedding dress



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The Online Search…

I knew that I didn’t want a big, conventional wedding. Mark and I had both had that with our first marriages and it just didn’t fit us anymore. We had originally thought about a destination wedding on a beach but the traveling for our parents and friends just seemed overwhelming. So Denver it was. I wanted a beach theme even though we were in the heart of Colorado. I thought it could be casual and fun so we went with Island Casual. My sister was going to be my maid of honor and my two daughters were going to be bridesmaids. I started looking for island dresses in the stores and online and had a really difficult time finding what I was looking for. The Hawaiian dresses weren’t dressy enough and I was a little leery about spending money on a dress online like that. I would do searches for island wedding dresses and Jasmine Sky Designs would always be at the top. So I checked out the website and fell in love with her styles. They were so beautiful and the models were so lovely. The designs were flowing and so perfect for what I was looking for. I really liked the Aruba in the orange color. I could see myself wearing it not only for my wedding but later when we would go to the beach. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend what Jasmine was asking for her dresses so I kept looking. But Jasmine Sky Designs were bookmarked on my computer and I printed out the pictures of the ones I liked and I carried them around with me so I could compare other dresses to Jasmine’s.  As it turned out, there were no dresses that compared to Jasmine’s. So I called her and we talked. And we talked. And we talked. Jasmine got to the heart of me and understood what I wanted to wear to this most important of all days. She listened to my thoughts and dreams about the wedding day and she helped me understand that for this special day, I should have what I want. Period. After I hung up the phone, I just felt fabulous. I would make it happen.

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Working with Jasmine

The first thing that Jasmine wanted to do is have a design session with me. She had emailed a Bridal Vision Questionnaire to me to fill out before the session. It helped me focus on just what kind of dress I was looking for and what colors I liked. We spoke on the phone for about two hours on January 20th and on the 23rd I put a deposit down on my DRESS!

Colors, Colors, Colors!

I showed the pictures of the Aruba dress to Mark and he liked it but he didn’t like the orange color. So we went with a magenta and blue. I was really looking forward to seeing it finished. I asked Jasmine if I could have a swatch of color fabric so I could coordinate my bridal party’s dresses as well as shoes. She was so accommodating and it helped so much as I was leaving at the end of January to go visit my oldest daughter in Australia. I got the swatch and we pulled it out of my purse 50 times a day, looking for dresses for my girls. Having the silk swatch in my hand helped me so much. Buying a dress on the internet without having met the artist in person was a little scary. Feeling the fabric and looking at the beautiful colors made me relax knowing that my dress was going to be fabulous and worth every penny. When I got my dress in the mail, I was right. It was FABULOUS!

What Jasmine and I Designed

The Aruba dress is a one shouldered flowing gown with a sash that ties on the side or the back. It comes with a sash-like bra that was a little tricky to figure out the first time but it was easy once I did it once. When we designed it, we made it a little long because I wasn’t sure what height of shoe I would be wearing. Turns out it was perfect! When my youngest daughter came over one day, I tried the dress on for her. We decided that we wanted it a little more fitting so we bustled the back and then it was just right.

The Experience of Wearing a Jasmine Sky Designs Original

When I put my dress on for the wedding, jaws dropped. My friends couldn’t believe I was wearing such a beautiful dress. I felt so beautiful in it that I know I glowed. I got so many complements from my friends and family alike. No one had ever seen such a beautiful dress and everyone wanted to know where I bought it. They were blown away when I said I had it made especially for me by my artist friend, Jasmine Sky!

Bobbe Lykins3-484x604
Bobbe Lykins1-484x604

What My Husband Thought

Well, when Mark saw me for the first time in my dress at the wedding, he just said, “Wow”. He was setting up decorations for the reception and I walked in and everybody just stopped and looked. It was a pretty amazing moment and one I will always remember.

Bobbe Lykins6-484x274

Bobbe Lykins5-484x274

Wearing My Jasmine Sky Designs Original for Other Occasions

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear my special dress since that wonderful night. A honeymoon is being planned for later on this winter and I know it will include a beach and warm water and gentle breezes – just perfect for my beautiful Jasmine Sky Original.

In Closing

I have never had a piece of wearable artwork made for me before. It was such a wonderful experience and Jasmine is an amazing artist and person, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. When I wear my special dress, I am an original and that fits me just fine. Thank you, Jasmine for making my wedding such a perfect night.


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