Heart-to-Heart with Jill Henderson

Heart-to-Heart with Jill Henderson

It all began with a vision. A vision that was so vividly etched in my brain.

I knew exactly what I wanted because I could see it perfectly.  I replayed this vision over and  over:

Our wedding day;  on the beach in Kauai, barefoot, at sunset, with my children, and my true love,  Greg by my  side.

Given that this was my second  marriage, I naturally had much more life experience behind me. My  priorities were very  different second time around.  The things that were once important to me were  no longer a focus. Our focus was on the true beauty of our love for one another;  on the depth of  honoring our love; on the strength of our commitment; and the extraordinary gratitude for our love.   Those were our unyielding  priorities.  The  intangibles of worshiping and nurturing  love.

To  do  this, the “intangibles” needed to be honored appropriately. And the vision I had seen  so  clearly in my head over and over was me in a beautiful, elegant, luxurious, sensual, simple, original  sarong-­‐type dress that flowed when I walked; and was graceful and exquisite as I stood. Ultimately, that was ME.

My journey had begun in the search of that vision of myself on my wedding day.

I then began my exhaustive internet search. I searched for, “Beach wedding dresses” and “Sarong  wedding  dresses”.  A variety of choices were given, and I took the time to visit each site in hopes that I would stumble upon my vision.

And there it was.

I  found the treasure chest tha  I was  looking  for:  Jasmine Sky Designs. In all honesty and seriousness, when Jasmine’s site appeared before me, I literally heard an assemblage of angels  singing around me: The colors; the textures; the styles; the  beauty; the originality;  and the quality.  I bathed in Jasmine’s site for days, book marking almost all of her pages on her site. I looked at every single picture not only in great detail, but would pretend that I was wearing each of these creations.    Every single dress had a feel to them that was soft, feminine, powerful,  and  Goddess-­‐like. I was overwhelmed, and my senses were on overload. I loved too many of them. Yet at the same time, I knew mine was not amongst these because it had not been created for me-­‐-­‐yet. After coming down  from  my high  on finding  Jasmine’s  website,  I  decided  to  get  to  know  more  about  this  artist-­ designer.  I  read  everything  she  had written  about  herself  and  the  process  in  which she  follows  when  she  creates.  It  was  hard  for  me  to  believe  that Jasmine  could  be as  equally  beautiful  and  talented  as  the  dresses  she  creates.

But she is – – and even more so.

The  moment  I  connected  with  Jasmine  was  the  true  moment  that  my  real  journey   began.  She  took  my  vision  and made  it  come  alive.  Jasmine  has  an  innate  way  of  connecting  with  you  because  she  genuinely  listens  to  you;  hears you; and  wants  all   of  your  dreams  and  desires  to  come  true.  Jasmine’s  passion  lies  not  only  in  the   creations  she customizes for  each  person,  but  also  in  her  sincere  passion  for  caring   about  the  people  she  is  creating  for.  Your  uniqueness  is her true  joy.    Your  uniqueness  allows  her  to  continue  to  create  original  pieces  of  art.  She  makes  you  understand  that  you are  your  own  masterpiece ‐ you  cannot  be  replicated  or  copied. You  are  exquisitely  you.

Jasmine  gave  me  so  much  time  on  the  phone  before  we  decided  on  the final  creation.  Being  across  the  country  from one another  this  could have posed  a  problem,  but  not   with  Jasmine.  I  felt  as  though  she  were right next  door.  She  is incredibly   professional  and  an  expert  in  her field  yet she  is  warm,  real  and  eager  to  learn  about   you.  The  more she understands  who  you  are  and  how  you  are,  the  more  fine  tuned   she can  be  on  creating  your  vision.

Jasmine’s  ultimate  goal  is  to  not  make  a  sale,  but  to  shine  the  light  on  your   worthiness;  your  beauty;  and  to  give yourself  permission  to  be  deserving  of   something  made  just  for  you—reflecting  the  true  beauty  of  you.  How  often  do we ever  allow  this  opportunity  to  flourish?  This  was  my  first.

Jasmine  didn’t  care  what  dress  she  would  be  creating,  what  she  cared  about  was  my   true  happiness  at  the  end  of  this process.  She  wanted  me  to  have  what  I  wanted.   Not  what  I  could  or  couldn’t  afford.  Jasmine  was  my  compass during this  journey  to   my  true  desires  of  what  I  wanted  on  this  special,  and  everlasting  day  in  my  life.   Jasmine  knows how  to see  the  bigger  picture  and  doesn’t  allow  you  to  get  stuck  by   the  river.  She  guides  you  to  the  top  of  the mountain where you  can  understand  the   whole  picture  so  you  can  make  the  right  choices  without  regret.  Jasmine taught  me   that creation is  a  process-­‐-­‐-­‐it  can’t  be  rushed,  forced  or  faked.  It  is  about  allowing   the  whispers  of  your heart  to  be  in  the  driver’s seat  and  allowing  the  logical  mind  to   be  the  passenger.  It’s  a  balance  and  harmony  that cannot  be  denied.  Jasmine  was by   my  side  through  every  single  facet  of  this  process  of  envisioning;  creating;  discovering;  implementing;  and  unveiling.

She  was  flexible,  tenacious,  guiding,  and   loving  through  it  all.  Do  I  dare  call her  a  dear  friend  without  even  having  met her?  I   feel  as  though  I  can  because  of  the  relationship  and  bond  we  shared through  this  thoughtful  and  insightful experience.

The  day  of  my  wedding  had  finally  come.  Putting  on  my  silk  wedding  sarong  was  nothing  shy  of  glorious  and magnificent.  For  it  wasn’t  just  a  “dress”,  it  had  become a   mirror  of  how  I  saw  myself;  an  honest  expression  of  myself.   I  have  never  in  my life   felt  more  beautiful,  more  empowered  and  more  feminine.  I  felt  like  a true Goddess  of  Light and  Love.

And  the  beauty  continues…  Jasmine  creates  your  vision  (dress)  to  not  only   accommodate  your  “occasion”,  but  to  be celebrated  again  and  again.  Jasmine’s   designs  are  specifically  designed  to  be  worn  throughout  your  life-­‐-­‐NOT  to  be tucked away  neatly  in  a  box  as  a  “keepsake”  in  the  back  of  your  closet  just  taking  up space.

During  our  honeymoon,  I  was  able  to  wear  my  wedding  sarong  dress  several  times:   To  a  casual  dinner;  to  slip  it  on upon  waking  up  to  walk  down  to  the  ocean  with  my   morning  coffee;  or  just  to  slip  it  on  to  feel  beautiful.  My  husband loves  me  in  it  no   matter  what  the  occasion,  and  cannot  take  his  hands  off  of  me  because  the silk beckons  to  be touched.  There’s  nothing  quite  like  wearing  this  silk.  And  how  rare  it   is  to  be  able  to  wear  your  wedding  dress  over and  over  again  with  wonderful  versatility.

Jasmine  inadvertently  taught  me  many  things  during  this  journey  of  creating  my   dress  that  I  am  oh  so  grateful  for:  1) My  worthiness;  2)  The  power  of  being  original;  and  3)  Empowering  yourself  with  sticking  to  what  your  heart  believes  is true.

Jasmine  is  unequivocally  one  of  the  most  talented  artists  I  have  ever  known,  but  on   top  of  that  Jasmine  is  one  of  the most  insightful,  intuitive,  sage  listeners  of  all-­‐time.  You  are  not  only  working  with  a phenomenal  artist  with  Jasmine, you are  also   learning  how  to  embrace  and  celebrate  the  true  beauty  and  power  of  yourself  as  a   woman.

Thank  you  Jasmine  for  all  that  you  are;  all  that  you  do;  and  all  that  you  continue  to   create  and  give  back.  You  make a difference  to  this  world  by  the  beauty  you  allow   us  to  see  in  ourselves  with  the  creations  you  make  to  reflect  our  own hearts’  paradise  with  Jasmine  in  bloom.

Mahalo  forever,

Jill  Avery  Henderson

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