Heart-to-Heart with Melissa Peterson

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Heart-to-Heart with Melissa Peterson

How I Found Jasmine Sky

When I started shopping for a dress, I knew I’d want to find something online to start – since I didn’t feel like I’d find something totally unique and different at your typical “wedding shoppe”. I spent a couple of weeks looking through images online and searching for “unique wedding dresses”. I did find one dress that I liked, and it looked “light and flow-y” (which is what I wanted). I ordered it and waited. When it arrived I was nervous but excited – until I put it on. It was by no means, light and flow-y – it was fully lined with boning – and simply was NOT what I was looking for.

At that point, the stress hit. I sent the dress back and went back to searching. I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled upon Jasmine Sky Designs, but I’m so glad I did! The moment I found the site, I knew I was in the right place! The dresses on the site were clearly very light and perfect for my beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

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In the glow of sunset Melissa Peterson

Mr and Mrs Peterson

Down the aisle Melissa Peterson

Working with Jasmine – What Her Process Is Like

After sending an email showing my interest I wasn’t sure what to expect. In fact, I was pretty apprehensive. I didn’t want to be harassed or added to some spam email or phone list. I was thrilled to get a response right away! Jasmine had attached a questionnaire that was very personalized. The questionnaire itself told me that this was something that would truly be created just for me and my personality. After sending in the completed questionnaire, Jasmine asked if there was a time we set up to speak on the phone. She was very flexible and not pushy at all! Talking on the phone with her really made me smile – she was so fun and I knew she really wanted to make me the perfect dress. We spoke for about 20 minutes- and that’s all it took! I felt so comfortable that I paid for the dress over the phone right then and there! I didn’t think twice or stress about my dress from that point forward.

Meeting at the alter

When the dress arrived…

When the dress arrived, I was so excited to open it! I was actually on the phone with my best friend who lives states away from me now. I decided to Face-Time with her on my iPad so she could “be there” when I opened the package and tried the dress on. It was perfect. The entire experience was perfect, in fact! It was the experience you always dream of when putting on the dress of your dreams for the first time! My best friend was in tears- and so was I. The first thing out her of mouth was, “Oh my Gosh! It’s SOO YOU!!!” Then a few weeks later my parents were in town – so I tried it on for Mom, and she balled! It was perfect!

What My Jasmine Sky Designs Original Feels Like to Wear

I believe the photos will tell the rest of the story. All of our guests were in “awe” of the dress… INCLUDING my husband – which was the most important! It was amazing in the warm beach breeze for the wedding and pictures. It flowed beautifully in the sunset – and kept me nice and cool in the humid air. It was the perfect dress.

I haven’t had any other events so far to wear my dress to, but I know I will. It’s perfect for summer! I haven’t decided yet if I will have Jasmine add designs to it or dye it yet – but I love knowing I have such a fun option!


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