Heart-to-Heart with Tara Stevens: Belize Beach Wedding

Tara Stevens Belize Beach Wedding in her Jasmine Sky Designs OriginalHeart-to-Heart with Tara Stevens:
Belize Beach Wedding

How I Found Jasmine Sky Designs

My (now) husband and I knew that we wanted a destination before we even knew we wanted to get married! We actually almost eloped in Austria a few years prior to the actual date. Since we decided our closest friends and family would likely disown us for such an event we decided an actual destination wedding was just the ticket and selected Belize as just the right place.

I knew that a “normal” wedding dress just wouldn’t cut it for me so I started scouring the internet. One search led to another and eventually I picked just the right words; Wedding Dress sarong. This ended my search by landing me on Jasmine’s page.

I was absolutely thrilled and in awe with the designs that unfolded before me. I thought I had come up with an idea that didn’t even exist and would find something “close enough”. This was the furthest thing from the truth. Jasmine had captured exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it. I looked at every single design on her site and fell in love with one more than the next. Not only did I decide that this was exactly the type of dress I wanted, I decided it was an excellent excuse for a girl’s trip with my mom and sister. So, I travelled from Idaho, my mom from Colorado and my sister from California for a week of sun and surf in the Florida Keys topped off with a visit to Jasmines studio!

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White silk wedding dress Tara Stevens


Tara Stevens Belize Beach Wedding

Working with Jasmine – What Her Process Is Like

When I arrived at Jasmine’s studio, it was a little overwhelming but in a wonderful way. It was so beautiful and there were so many colors and designs. It was just a magical place. Although I had done extensive research online regarding the style of dress I wanted there were tons of additional styles as well. This is where I would interject a little advice. If you can, go to her studio. Plan to go a couple of times if possible. If you can’t go to her studio that’s ok too because much can be determined through conversations and the website. My bridal party worked with her specifically over the phone and email and they had a wonderful experience as well. I made all of my decisions in one shot and was a little overwhelmed by the options. If I had thought through each piece a little more I probably would have ended up with a different result. I absolutely LOVE my dress but I just know myself and I know I would have taken a more organized approach if I had taken that time. In the end, I chose something totally different than what I had gone in for and it was better than I could have ever imagined.

What Jasmine & I Designed

We designed the most beautiful and luscious dress I have ever worn. It was stunning on my wedding day and I never wanted to take it off. It is so soft and made me feel so wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for more. It had many pieces and every one is special to me. I wouldn’t have had it any differently. There is a dress, a bodice, a veil and a train.

I did have help putting everything on… most people do for their wedding dress. It really wasn’t difficult and I was quite impressed with how everything stayed where it was supposed to. Practice first so you aren’t figuring it out right before you walk down the aisle!

Jasmine also designed the attire for my wedding party. She did all of the dresses for my girls and my mom and did shirts for my husband. I specifically wanted all different colors and designs and knew it would all come together and be as magical as everything was in her shop. It was such an array of colors and textures… perfect for our beautiful setting. What a magical night.

After the fact, I had an opportunity to go back and visit Jasmine again and we took my initial dress and made a new creation. She added some elements, dip dyed it, and did some additional painting to make an entirely new and different design. I love it because when I wear it I feel just as luxurious and amazing as I did on my wedding day but it’s a lot less formal. I haven’t been able to get to a tropical location to wear it yet so the picture I will include will likely be in my yard in Idaho. You will have to excuse the reflection of my skin.

Occasions I’ve Worn my Jasmine Sky Designs Original For

I’ve only worn my dress for my wedding so far. I look forward to our next sunny adventure for an opportunity to wear my new creation. I will say my sister wore hers to an opening of a play in LA. She felt very glamorous!

In Closing

In closing, I’d just like to say that Jasmine’s designs aren’t clothing or an outfit… they’re a feeling. It’s the best you have ever felt. I’m sure I will be back again and again.

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