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Sharon Gibson beach wedding dress

“I am an art wear lover … none have the quality and exquisite designs that my Jasmine Sky Designs originals have.”

When I met Jasmine in the Florida Keys, I loved the sheer, flowing clothing she was wearing.  I asked her where she got them and she said she designed and made them herself!  WOW was I impressed!

I am an art wear lover and I do wear other art wear but none have the quality and exquisite designs that my Jasmine Sky Designs originals have. I’ve traveled all over the world with them.

Bobbe Lykins beach wedding dress

“When I wear my special dress, I am an original and that fits me just fine.”

When I put my dress on for the wedding, jaws dropped. My friends couldn’t believe I was wearing such a beautiful dress. I felt so beautiful in it that I know I glowed. I got so many compliments from my friends and family alike. No one had ever seen such a beautiful dress and everyone wanted to know where I bought it. They were blown away when I said I had it made especially for me by my artist friend, Jasmine Sky! When my fiance saw me for the first time in my dress at the wedding, he just said, “Wow!!” He and everybody just stopped and looked. It was a pretty amazing moment and one I will always remember.

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear my special dress since that wonderful night.  A honeymoon is being planned for later on this winter and I know it will include a beach and warm water and gentle breezes, just perfect for my beautiful Jasmine Sky Original.

I have never had a piece of wearable artwork made for me before. It was such a wonderful experience and Jasmine is an amazing artist and person, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. When I wear my special dress, I am an original and that fits me just fine. Thank you, Jasmine for making my wedding such a perfect night. Read more


Wedding Party Deb Fairchild

“I felt beautiful, ethereal, lovely and dressed for fun, happiness and celebration! I love everything about my dress…”

I have been buying hand painted silks from Jasmine for 13 years. When my daughter told me her wedding would be in wine country California, I considered mother of the bride dressing options. After several months, I finally decided that I needed to have a Jasmine Sky original… even if I was going to be in a vineyard instead of on the beach.

I normally had worked with Jasmine in person, but for my MOB dress I would have to work long distance. I was concerned about trying to work through the process long distance, but Jasmine has a real talent for asking questions, suggesting options and helping you visualize possibilities.  She was patient and available.

The Fiji design that I finally settled on (in January!) was perfect for the occasion. It fit the spirit of the event as well as my personality.  I felt beautiful, ethereal, lovely and dressed for fun, happiness and celebration!  I love everything about my dress…the way it moves when in the breeze, the way it moves when I move, the palette that brightens my complexion, the ups and downs of the hemline and the fact that I can wear it in so many different ways.  I look forward to wearing it again and again and again.  I know I will feel like a goddess whenever I do wear it and I look forward to continuing to add new Jasmine Sky Designs originals to my wardrobe!! Read more

Jill Henderson beach wedding dress

“What can I say? Certainly not enough. There are not enough stars to rate the caliber of Jasmine Sky…”

What can I say? Certainly not enough. There are not enough stars to rate the caliber of Jasmine Sky–as a person; an artist; a creator; an extraordinary giving spirit. From the very moment that I stumbled upon her website as I was looking for “beach wedding sarong” attire, it was the most positive, joyful, rewarding and feel-good experience. Not only is she a beautiful sage soul, she is tremendously professional, responsive, timely, and has the drive and desire to make sure YOU are happy. She knows how to truly LISTEN to you. Jasmine put my needs, my concerns, my visions and my happiness first. I am grateful for the person and artist she is. She is a rare treasure. Read more

Trinette Rembert, Real Bride Testimonial

“Jasmine will not steer you wrong. Her experience with brides and what they desire is outstanding.”

I lucked out when I Google searched ‘beach wedding dresses’ and came across Jasmine Sky. I had no idea that someone actually made beautiful flow-y dresses/sarongs. Jasmine’s work speaks for itself.  Most importantly in this process, I loved the fact that Jasmine took her time and communicated with me via phone, text, email. She was always helpful. She worked with me and my budget to get the perfect dress for my destination wedding!!! Jasmine will not steer you wrong. Her experience with brides and what they desire is outstanding.  Wearing my dress on my wedding day was perfect and the photographer loved the dress so much that we decided to take extra pictures down at the beach because he loved the way it blew in the wind.  I had so many compliments on my dress.  I absolutely loved it. Thanks Jasmine!

I was so excited to see my dress but before I could open it, I had to admire the wrapping that Jasmine carefully put together. I was not expecting it. There was a beautiful handwritten personal card to me and a colorful brochure of her creations. My dress was everything I expected and more, the videos and pictures really do not do the material any justice! The material is very beautiful and romantic, my dress was Angelina. I chose this dress with the bell sleeves because I am having a simple beach wedding and I was looking for something non-traditional but not so casual. I explained everything I wanted in our initial interview and Jasmine said this would be the best dress. I initially wanted another dress, however, what I LIKED and what I really WANTED was not the same. After several emails and phone consultations, Jasmine pointed me in the direction of what I was really looking for but I just could not explain and it was really helpful. All you have to do is explain to her what you are looking for and she will give you ideas and work with you and your budget. I am extremely happy with my dress! Read more

Tara Stevens Belize Beach Wedding in her Jasmine Sky Designs Original

“We designed the most beautiful and luscious dress I have ever worn. I absolutely LOVE it. “

I knew that a “normal” wedding dress just wouldn’t cut it for me so I started scouring the internet. When I found Jasmine’s site, I looked at every single design and fell in love with one more than the next.  Not only did I decide that this was exactly the type of dress I wanted, I decided it was an excellent excuse for a girl’s trip with my mom and sister from Idaho to Jasmine’s studio in the Florida Keys.

What a magical place! I made all of my decisions in one shot. Jasmine also designed the attire for my wedding party.  She did all of the dresses for my girls and my mom and did a shirt for my husband.  I specifically wanted all different colors and designs and knew it would all come together and be as magical as everything was in her shop. It was such an array of colors and textures… perfect for our beautiful setting. My bridal party all worked with her specifically over the phone and email and they had a wonderful experience as well.

We designed the most beautiful and luscious dress I have ever worn. I absolutely LOVE it. It was better than I could have ever imagined and on my wedding day I never wanted to take it off.  It is so soft and made me feel so wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for more.  It had many pieces and every one is special to me.

After the fact, I had an opportunity to go back and visit Jasmine again and we took my initial dress and made a new creation.  She added some elements, dip dyed it, and did some additional painting to make an entirely new and different design.  I love it because when I wear it I feel just as luxurious and amazing as I did on my wedding day but it’s a lot less formal.  read more

Laura Panganis beach wedding dress

“Jasmine’s creation was perfect. Perfect for me, the day and the setting.”

When I found Jasmine’s website I was blown away. I was having a hard time deciding how much of a bridal look I wanted.  This was my second wedding and I didn’t want a traditional gown for sure. I just couldn’t picture what I wanted.

Jasmine’s process was more detailed that I thought it would be.  Compared to what you go through when looking for a wedding gown I would say it was about the same but far more personal.

I am not overly thrilled with my body shape and the weight that I am carrying but she didn’t care.  She made me feel amazing and beautiful through the entire process. She had never met me and she was my ally through the whole process.  She was by my side the entire time.  Communicating with me through everything.

Jasmine sent me a picture of the gown on a mannequin before she sent it to me and when I opened the box I could see right away that my trust was well placed. Before I even took it out of the box I was thrilled!

Every time I tried it on I just couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and how much I just loved it.  It flowed in the wind exactly the way I imagined it would.  I was a perfect balance of being a bride and being myself.  It was a great centerpiece for the wedding party outfits as well.

It brings tears to my eyes when I think about that day.  Jasmine’s creation was perfect.  Perfect for me, the day and the setting.  It took my husband’s breath away…I think that says it all.

Lorraine Osgood Wedding Dress

“My wedding dress was the dream dress I had always wanted…”

…I am such a stickler for detail but Jasmine had the patience of a saint with me… my wedding dress was the dream dress I had always wanted.

Never have I seen any designer be able to create the magic that Jasmine is able to create with fabric and color.  Her hand painted art, the vivid colors and the feminine lines – that show what needs to be shown and hides what needs to be hidden – create a perfect picture of true femininity, and sensuality.

I have many silks by Jasmine and when I wear them I feel beautiful. The colors make me glow. Her designs give me a feeling of being proud to be a woman. I wish for every woman to dare to find herself and enjoy her own unique beauty in a Jasmine Sky Designs original. read more.

pink silk island wedding dress

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so beautiful”

Our clothing arrived safely today and we couldn’t be happier. They fit perfectly and look stunning. They are all that I’d hoped for and more! I can barely stop looking at and touching them! Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job! I’ll send pictures! And after: Here’s a photo from our wedding with the beautiful clothes that you made just for us. We got married on the island of St. Croix and it was amazing. The clothes we got from you really made it extra special. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so beautiful. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job!” Tracy and Loring, USA Married on St. Croix

white silk island wedding dress

“My dress is still talked about as the most perfect tropical getaway, dream wedding dress”

“When I returned home from a fabulous Keys vacation and surprise nuptials my friends went wild for each photo and every detail! “If your ceremony was a surprise,” they asked, “then how did you get such a fabulous dress last minute? This could be a Vera Wang!” “It’s by the ‘Vera Wang’ of beach wedding dresses, Jasmine Sky.” I replied. To this day my dress is still talked about as the most perfect tropical getaway, dream wedding dress there ever was. Thank you Jasmine!” April & Ralph, USA Married in Key West, Fl.


“The exquisite beauty of the hand painting really made me feel like a Princess Bride”

“After much agonizing about what to wear for my tropical wedding, I found Jasmine Sky Designs just in time. Jasmine was extremely patient with me and she truly wanted me to be comfortable. I tried on dozens of her designs and I ended up with the perfect outfit. The two hand-painted sarongs were the ideal travel wedding outfit, fitting snuggly in a zip lock bag and needing no ironing! The luxuriousness of the silk and the exquisite beauty of the hand painting really made me feel like a Princess Bride. The ease and versatility of these sarongs (complete with manual) also means that I will wear them for years to come and will always be reminded of my very special wedding day. Thank you, Jasmine, for making my wedding truly magical!” Jody & Ross, USA Married in Costa Rica


“I have gotten so many compliments”

“Thank you for all of your help to create the dress of my dreams! I have gotten so many compliments as I have shared the photos.” Christina & Jedde, USA Married in Key West, Fl.