Wearable Art Clothing meets Island Couture

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Wearable Art Clothing meets Island Couture

Couture clothing for the islands is unlike any other fashion style. At Jasmine Sky Designs, it’s where exquisite artistic textile design meets luxurious and authentic island style.

Each Jasmine Sky Design original has softly structured silhouettes created from luxurious silk and lovingly hand painted to your unique expression. The Island Bride and the Island Time collections are both uniquely islands couture: Effortlessly chic pieces inspired by the islands and made for the islands..


Couturier-Crafted Island Wear

Divinely intoxicating and deliciously sensuous, each Jasmine Sky Designs original is an individually commission piece of art wear. Your own personal expression meets my love of art, painting and my passion for tropical islands so The Art of Being You can truly be expressed.





What does couture for the islands look like?

At Jasmine Sky Designs, ‘couture’ is defined by the old world craftsmanship of hand painted silks rather than the intricate, hand-executed sewing techniques that we normally associate with couture clothing. Both are equally time-consuming with great attention to detail but our version produces garments that are captivatingly bright with floaty silhouettes and a relaxed-fit. What could be more perfect for the islands!

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