“Warmest Alohas from the Big Island of Hawai’i”

I’m so happy you’ve arrived on this page!


Just to orient you…

Each garment you see on this site is made of 100% silk, custom designed and hand painted by myself.


I hope the samples I’ve created for the photos you see give you a ‘taste’ for my signature style and show you the range of what’s possible – so you can dream about what you’d like!


Each Garment is Custom-Made-to-Order

For me, the exciting part of being a fashion designer and silk artist is you – the woman I’m designing and painting for.


Connecting with you and creating a dress that serves your individual style needs for your specific event and/or lifestyle is what I’m all about.


That’s why each garment I create is custom-made-to-order especially for you.


What Happens in Your Complimentary Price Quote

Your Price Quote takes place on the phone (or Skype for those outside the USA).


It answers your question, “Can Jasmine create what I’m looking for, and can she do it in my budget?”


To determine what your custom dress might cost, we first need to “imagine” what it might look like. This is exactly what happens in your Price Quote – the “imagining” of your dress so that we can answer that all important question, “What will it cost?”.


In preparation for your Price Quote, I ask you to complete a preliminary questionnaire that helps me get to know you stylistically so we can hit the ground running when we get on the phone. It includes a request for photos and measurements so that our conversation is specific to you and your individual style needs and wants.


To “imagine” your dress we’ll be:

  1. Identifying your individual design needs and wants
  2. Choosing the dress style that best suits those needs and wants
  3. Making that style “your own”, which includes some/all of the following:
    • a style re-design,
    • your choice of silks & layering of silks,
    • your color palette,
    • your choice of art work
    • where the art work will be painted on your dress
    • thinking of these choices in the context of your budget.


The Price Quote

At the end of our “imaginings”, after we’ve defined your style direction and visualized your dress sufficiently, I can then give you a very educated guesstimate for your dress, if not an exact price.


Why Your Price Quote is Free of Charge

Your Price Quote is free of charge for two (2) reasons:

  1. Because it’s just what’s necessary for you to figure out if you want to hire me.
  2. Even though you have no out-of-pocket cost, we both know that “time is money”. I think of the time you ‘spend’ to complete the questionnaire as your ‘payment’ because it’s an equal exchange of time on both our parts – you, in completing the questionnaire and me, in spending the time with you for your Price Quote.


No Obligation to Purchase

As I’ve shared before, I’m all about you. I want to support you getting what you need and want.


Your Price Quote is designed to help you make your decision of whether you are able to find what you are looking for with me. There is never any obligation to purchase should you decide to go elsewhere for your dress. You can expect a no-questions-asked policy on my part.


How to Request Your Complimentary Price Quote

Simply fill out the form below to request your Price Quote.


Feel free to use this form even if you just want to just ask me some questions.


By filling out this form you’re merely telling me;

  • “I like what I see on this site.”
  • “I’d like to explore things a little further”


Please expect a phone call from me in response to your request within 48 hours.

If you live outside the USA, I will email you to schedule a Skype call.


In this call, we’ll have a chance to “meet” each other and talk comfortably and comprehensively. I’ll be able to:

  • answer any questions you might have and
  • walk you through, in more detail, what you can expect in your Price Quote and the dressmaking process I use.
  • schedule your Price Quote if you are still interested.


You can always call, if you prefer: 888-529-9759


I hope these words have “broken the ice” and you feel like you know me and my process a little better.


I’m “all ears” and excited to hear about what you’re dreaming about wearing.


Jasmine Sky

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