You are one of a kind. A woman like no other.

At heart, you’re an island girl and though you may not live in the islands,
you love the island lifestyle and visit them often.

But you’re different. You’ve always danced to your own song.

You’ve never followed trends.

You recognize your life as a celebration of everything that makes you uniquely you,
and take pride in being what the masses call non-traditional.

You don’t do things differently just to be different. You do things differently
because you are different.

So, when you visit the islands, you dream of luxury tropical resort wear that
fits your unique expression.

And, if you’re having a destination island wedding, you’re dreaming of tropical wedding dresses
that are fit to adorn your inner tropical goddess.

You know what you want but you just don’t see it in any boutique.
You’re craving island styles that express the glorious, expansive feeling that you get when you’re in the islands.
Styles that will make you look and feel as radiant as the tropical sunset.
Effortless chic that is intoxicatingly sensuous.
Relaxed elegance that is divinely comfortable.
Luxurious fabrics that blend creativity, style and color to express the very essence of who you are and how you live your life.

Clothing that is so you, it is exquisitely empowering.
Flowing silks that float and flutter in the trade winds as your feet sink into the sand and you melt into the luxurious tropical splendor that surrounds you.

If these are your dreams, we welcome you.

Welcome to a place where you can choose your expression and your island fashion dreams are made manifest.
A place where hand crafted, silken art wear is imagined for one person, and one person only, you.

Welcome to the island boutique-of-your-dreams filled with authentic convertible island styles inspired by the classic sarong – the indigenous garb of the tropics all over the world.

Convertible styles that are made in the islands, for the islands.
Convertible styles that can – and will – transform themselves to express your unique style personality.
Convertible styles made up in luxurious custom, hand painted silks that so express your essence that you will radiate your beauty from the inside out.

Welcome to a place where fashion is a joyous expression of The Art of Being You.
Welcome to Jasmine Sky Designs
The Art of Being You
Custom Ordered. Hand Made. Hand Painted.