Heart-to-Heart with Lorraine Osgood, Artwear Collector

Lorraine Osgood Silk Artwear CollectorHeart-to-Heart with Lorraine Osgood,
Artwear Collector

Jasmine Sky Designs – a name every woman should remember when considering buying something beautiful, colorful, weightless, outstanding, feminine, goddess and exquisite for all her island fashion needs!

How I Found Jasmine and Her Silks

I had the good fortune of meeting Jasmine ‘by chance’ at a fundraiser in Key West, Florida, where she was showing her work. I had heard about her work and how unique and exquisite it was. When I saw it I thought, “That must be Jasmine Sky’s work!” and I was right.

I have been collecting Jasmine’s artwear for 6 years now.

Where I Wear my Artwear

Where do I not wear my art wear, is more like it! Whenever I visit the islands – for traveling, going to the beach, to dinner or cocktails, whether lounging around in my hotel room or at home – Jasmine’s designs are perfect for me. I don’t know how I lived without them.

Lorraine Osgood Silk Artwear White

What it’s Like to Work with Jasmine

Every time I go to shop in Jasmine’s design studio, I find something exquisitely outstanding and so beautifully feminine.

Each time I go, Jasmine keeps in mind what I already have and suggests ideas for how my new piece can do “double duty” and work with other pieces of mine. Now that I’ve got a whole section of my wardrobe of Jasmine Sky Designs originals, it’s amazing how fun it is to mix and match my pieces. It’s like playing with the costume box when I was a little girl – such an exploration in expression!

Jasmine’s hand painted artwork is always one of a kind, very colorful, and very unique. But her dress designs are so one-of-a-kind themselves, that even if I have them made up in commercially dyed silks of solid colors to reduce their cost, I still feel their magic working on my mood. I now know from experience, that the added expense of a hand painted version is well worth it because they make me feel like a work of art!

What My Jasmine Sky Designs Original Feels Like to Wear

Jasmine’s designs are simply magical. They’re definitely made to make me feel exceptionally beautiful, outstanding and unique.

When I travel I take at least 3 or 4 of the many outfits I have purchased over the last four years with me. And, without fail, for every dress I wear, I am always complimented at how beautiful my dress is.

I was at an airport returning from St. Martin, when a gentleman came running up to me in a hurry, and exclaimed, “Lady, I have to let you know. That is a knock out dress. My God! Every woman should dress like that!” It’s such a fabulous feeling to not only feel so beautiful but to also get such response from others. I’ve never had any other clothing that makes me feel so good and so beautiful.

Lorraine Osgood Blue Silk Sarong

What My Husband Thinks

Very simply put, my husband is my biggest fan of my silk art wear. He loves the sensual softness of the fabric and the exquisite way in which they drape on my body. When I wear my art wear for an evening out, he says it makes him feel like he’s with a movie star.

In Closing…

I’d just like to say thank you for your special gift, Jasmine. Your silks make me feel and look beautiful every time I wear them.


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