Heart to Heart with Darcie Nesbitt

A Dress As Beautiful & Unique as Where We Were Married

My name is Darcie and I would like to share my wedding dress journey with you. 

Jason proposed to me on July 19th 2017 at our home in Albany Oregon. We had both been married once before and agreed that we did not want a big wedding. We wanted a simple, no-stress, just-us kind of wedding. We had been planning a vacation in Kona and figured, why not get married on the beach in such a beautiful place?  

I had decided from the beginning that I wanted a dress that would be as beautiful and unique as the place where we were to be married. This turned out to be harder than I originally thought! I found so many dresses that I liked but nothing that I saw as that ‘perfect dress’. It felt almost impossible to find something that no one else was going to have. 

No Luck Searching the Stores

I had been searching stores around Oregon with no luck and resorted to searching online. I was going through some pictures of dresses one evening and came across a dress by Jasmine Sky Designs. The dress that originally caught my eye would not be the dress I would choose, but it was the reason I looked further. Plus, Jasmine was located in Kona so I figured surely she knows beach weddings. I sent off an email and received a response shortly after and scheduled a phone call to discuss everything. 

Designing a Dress On The Phone??!!??

I was a little skeptical about this process at first. I was raised in Wyoming doing all the things that are not very girly so designing a dress for me over the phone seemed, to me, quite challenging. 

Jasmine sent a questionnaire and asked that I email some measurements and pictures so she could get some ideas of what would work for me. The phone call lasted about an hour and a half and by the end of it I felt as if she had know me for years and was going to design my perfect dress. 

Jasmine made me feel so comfortable. I think we went through every single dress that was on her website and discussed what I liked or didn’t like about each one, the differences between each design, all the different ways to wear each one, and all of the different ways she could paint it. It was a lot of information and yet still so helpful. 

She Helped Me Step Out of My Box!

Finally, I felt like I was getting somewhere. She helped me narrow it down to three possibilities and then gave me a couple days to think about it. No pressure! And this is probably my favorite part about working with her. Absolutely no pressure and Jasmine was completely up front and honest which was wonderful. 

Plus, this woman helped me to step out of my box and find my perfect dress. All over the phone! We chose the dress the artwork and the colors and she instantly went to work on it.

Walking Down the Beach… I Felt Amazing!

I put this dress on every day from the time I received it until I wore it at my wedding. I was a little obsessed. 

Walking down the beach with Jason I felt amazing! Everything was perfect. I truly couldn’t be happier with my decision to put my faith in Jasmine. The dress was exactly what I had envisioned. 

A One-of-a-Kind, Stunning Piece of Artwork

 I would like to thank Jasmine again for designing my “perfect” dress and helping to make my wedding day memorable. I would highly recommend Jasmine Sky Designs to anyone looking for a one of a kind stunning piece of artwork. 


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