Heart-to-Heart with Lorrainne (Osgood) Garrett

Lorraine Garret Wedding Jasmine Sky Designs

Heart-to-Heart with Lorrainne (Osgood) Garrett

I have known Jasmine Sky for almost 6 years and feel like I have known her for a lifetime. She has been for me a pillar of strength, a good friend and an amazing person to work with. She has the patience of a saint when it comes to details and this I experienced during the process of my wedding. I am such a stickler for detail, and Jasmine actually re-made my wedding dress to the exact specifications, with love and commitment to my dream dress. My wedding was beautiful, all the bridesmaids’ dresses were pressed and my dress was the dream dress I had always wanted.

When I first met Jasmine, I fell in love with her clothing line, it embraced the word feminine, graceful, seductive, whimsical, magical mostly the essence of womanhood, I have always enjoyed beautiful clothing, so Jasmine’s clothing was exactly what I had been dreaming of but could not find anywhere in the world.

Having been born in India where colors are bright and beautiful and fabric is any creators dream come true, never have I seen any designer be able to create the magic that Jasmine’s designs have done with fabric and color.


I had to come to this tiny little island (Key West) to find myself and in so doing discovered the magic of silk and the beauty of Jasmine’s art – the vivid colors and the feminine lines that show what needs to be shown and hides what needs to be hidden creating a picture of true femininity, and sensuality. When I wear my silks by Jasmine, I feel beautiful.

The colors make me glow. Her designs give me a feeling of being proud to be a woman. I embrace the beauty and energy of Jasmine’s creations. I wish for every woman to dare to find herself and enjoy the beauty I have discovered. My wardrobe of Jasmine’s designs is extensive and will continue to grow as I discover the new designs and colors Jasmine creates.

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