What To Wear To A Formal Beach Wedding

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What To Wear To A Formal Beach Wedding



No matter who you are; The Bride, Groom, a Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride or Family of the Bride or Groom, your dilemma is the same: “How do I know what to wear to a formal beach wedding?

It’s hard to know what to wear to balance the iconic importance of the event with the laid-back venue and tropical setting, but if you follow some handy tips you’ll definitely be Beach Wedding Island Chic:

A formal beach wedding is the perfect occasion to blend elegance with wearability, island design and relaxed silhouettes. This means choosing floaty silhouettes and luscious yet breezy fabrics like silks to maintain a relaxed yet elegant look.


Relaxed Elegance vs. Casual for a Tropical Island Wedding

Whether the invitation labels the dress code as island formal, resort formal, island chic, or doesn’t mention a dress code at all, relaxed elegance is the perfect look for any beach wedding.

Beach Brides choose a beach wedding venue for the beauty and tranquility, but still want their guests to dress the part. Formal wear doesn’t work at a beach wedding; you’ll get too hot, be uncomfortable and feel awkward amongst the other guests.




Where to Find True Island Chic

Each Jasmine Sky Design original blends luxurious silks with hand painted design and softly structured silhouettes for the perfect formal beach wedding piece that is wearable, comfortable, and will help you stand out as the epitome of relaxed elegance.